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In the memory of Emmerih Kalman on September 9 2018 at 19:00, at the Bolshoi Theater of Russia on the historical stage will take place the Russian-Hungarian gala-

The concert program will include famous arias and compositions from the operettas of the great composer.

Under the guidance of the famous Soviet and German conductor Mikhail Yurovsky, the Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra will take part in the gala concert.

On the stage of the Bolshoi Theater will perform: special guests of the gala concert, Hungarian violinist Krishtof Barati and singer Andreas Shager; Russian and Hungarian opera singers Elena Guseva, Andrea Rost, Alexey Neklyudov, Gergely Bonscher, Anatoly Fokanov; as well as the Hungarian Dance Theater.

The host of the concert is Artem Vargaftik.

Help: Imre Kalman is one of the geniuses of the operetta. He was called "King of the Operetta" and "Emperor of Vienna". Even during life they said that it belongs to the whole world. D.D. Shostakovich called this composer a genius, and his friends called "a gloomy bear". Melancholist and pessimist, a modest man who did not know how to have fun, but created almost two dozen filled with joy, love and good works, immersing in the world of celebration and the triumph of justice. Imre Kalman is a master who is one of the most prominent representatives of the Vienna operetta, who transformed it from
entertainment in the genre, filled with realism and psychological depth.