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BALLET Magazine

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Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture ROSCONCERT is the organizer of famous ballet competitions, such as The International Ballet Competition and The All-Russian Contest of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers, as well as many other significant events in the world of ballet. On the ROSCONCERT website, fans of Terpsichore can now receive information about new issues of the Ballet magazine which depicts the modern life of ballet art.

Ballet is the oldest Soviet and Russian magazine about the art of dance and its creators: choreographers and composers, actors and artists as well as ballet performances that have become a classic heritage and those that have just appeared on stage.

Over the 40 years of its existence, Ballet magazine has become a real chronicle of the history of Dancing. One can find in the magazine interesting articles and unique pictures dedicated to folk and contemporary choreography, ballet schools and festivals.

2021 is the anniversary year for the magazine. Its first issue (it used to be called Soviet Ballet) was published on December 28, 1981, and an outstanding ballet dancer Raisa Struchkiva was appointed editor-in-chief of the new edition. At different times, the creative council included Galina Ulanova, Yuriy Grigorovich, Igor Moiseev, Makhmud Esambaev, Vyacheslav Gordeev, Vladimir Vasilyev, Sofya Golovkina, Boris Akimov, Marina Leonova, Makhar Vaziev, Svetlana Zakharova, Vladimir Urin, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Boris Eifman.

For many years now the magazine has been run by the famous ballet expert Valeria Uralskaya. A lot of famous dancers, choreographers and theater directors are on the creative council.