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The International Tchaikovsky Competition

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The International Tchaikovsky Competition, first held more than 50 years ago, is not only a valuable asset of Russian musical culture but is also one of the major events in the international music community. The International Tchaikovsky Competition is held once every four years.

The first Competition, in 1958, included two specialties – Piano and Violin. Beginning with the second Competition, in 1962, the Cello specialty was added, and the Voice specialty (where separate prizes were provided for the Best Male and Female Vocal Performance) was introduced during the third Competition in 1966.

In 2011, the Competition was first held in two cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The jubilee XV International Tchaikovsky Competition was timed to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer.

In 2019 the Woodwinds and Brass instruments specialties were added.

In 2023, the International Tchaikovsky Competition reached its 65th anniversary. Throughout its history, the Competition has given international fame to outstanding representatives of the performing arts of the modern era.

An artistic competition is a traditional starting point for gifted young musicians as it gives them a chance to encounter the admiration of the general public, gain recognition from the global professional community, and start a brilliant international career. In Russia the Competition is considered a landmark of national musical culture. Each of its editions is one of the key events in the social and cultural life of the country.